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Every contribution is used to bring us one step closer to achieving an open and free North Korea.


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The North Korea Strategy Center (NKSC) is engaged in practical initiatives aimed at the following issues:


1) North Korea’s media blackout.

Viewing foreign media and materials is illegal in North Korea, an offense punishable by jail time and even death. Through its network in China, NKSC sends USBs, DVDs and radios filled with open information into North Korea. This information has the potential to change North Korean perceptions about the outside world.

2) Lack of North Korean defector leadership.

NKSC believes North Korean defectors can be a bridge between the two Koreas. Through its Journalist Academy program, NKSC empowers defectors by improving their writing and critical thinking skills to better express their personal stories and insight into North Korea. NKSC aims to create a new generation of young North Korean defectors who can become leaders in a united Korea.

3) Lack of general awareness about North Korean issues in South Korea and abroad.

North Korea still hits the headlines due to its nuclear program, not its human rights issues. NKSC holds regular programs aimed at increasing awareness and understanding about North Korean realities to those young and old in South Korea and abroad. Through its Unification Education program, NKSC sends young defectors to schools all across South Korea to let them speak for themselves about what is happening in North Korea. NKSC also has held a speaker series on North Korea aimed at the foreign community in South Korea. The organization also participates in many awareness-raising events internationally.

4) The dearth of research on pressing North Korean human rights issues.

In 2012, for example, NKSC’s research team released a report, “The Conditions of North Korean Overseas Labor” covering information of North Korea’s attainment of foreign currency by exploiting North Korean workers in countries such as Kuwait, Russia, and China. NKSC’s research team has also published reports on the purge of Jang Song Taek in December 2013 and evaluations on Kim Jong Un’s rule.