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Kang Cheol Hwan gave comments on the execution of North Korean defence minister Hyon Yong Chol Yonhap TV news. Kang said that Hyon was a high level official with influence on the Sinuiju-Dandong trade route between North Korea and China. Hyon is the highest level official to be executed after Jang Song Taek since Kim Jong Un’s succession.

The minister is to have been executed by an anti-aircraft gun only four months after his arrest on the outskirts of  Pyongyang. According to Kang, 260 bullets were fired in one shot. Drastic actions such as this have caused high North Korean officials to consider the possibility of Kim Jong Un rashly using missile weapons. Kim Jong Un continues to use fear to maintain the regime’s power.

Kang also commented on the low probability of Kim Jong Un visiting China, saying that he would only go if it would help maintain his power. According to Kang, North Korea is now trying to move away from China and is looking for support in Russia.

A more detailed analysis of Kang Cheol Hwan’s media interview will be 
provided by NKSC next month. Please stay tuned!

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