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What story will be told in Lee Gayeon’s photo?

thatch house overflowing with vegetables

The third story we share is “thatched house overflowing with vegetables.”


The “daughter-wealthy” house of many daughters.
The house where Mr. Kim lives.
In a village filled with a motley collection of this house and that house, Gayeon’s ‘thatched house overflowing with vegetables’ stood.

The front yard of Gayeon’s house was filled with vegetables of all kinds. This was because Gayeon’s mother made the front yard into a garden to feed her two daughters. These vegetables, raised with her mother’s own sweat and utmost care, would oftentimes make their way to the neighbors next door or Gayeon’s teachers at school. Though Gayeon’s mother may have been materially poor, she was not poor at heart. She frequently shared with her neighbors the vegetables that she painstakingly grew.

That’s why our home was called the “thatched house overflowing with vegetables.” Our home was indeed a “thatched house overflowing with a mother’s love and affection.”