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The Path.

Seeing footprints left behind on the snowy path, there is a sense of feeling thankful to the those who has taken the path before us. Today, were you the person who took the path first, or were you the one who was thankful for those who have taken the path before you? The mere sight of a small trail or path bring up memories for defector student Lee Gayeon of her home town. What story will be contained within Lee Gayeon’s next photograph?

오솔길 리사이즈

Memories of Lee Gayeon’s summer days are kept in the path she took.

With a rucksack filled with herbs slung over her shoulder, Gayeon would take a small path to make her way to the market two times a day. While making her way down the mountain on a small trail, with her backpack filled with herbs, the grass would catch her ankles. This gave Gayeon the chance to rest and forget the heat momentarily. Memories of summer days in her hometown are kept in that small path that Gayeon, who so loved walking, took.

Paths of piled up fallen leaves in the Autumn seem to symbolise the worries of life, while the footprints left in snow on a winter day make us feel thankful for those who have taken the path before us.