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Journalist Academy: April 2014 Update


JA Kang 1


The Journalist Academy kicked off its first writing workshop of 2014 this month with instructor Kang Ho Ju who taught “Logical Writing for Communication.”

On the first day, Mr. Kang introduced the “Power Number” concept of writing structure where each sentence in a paragraph has an assigned number and each number has a specific purpose in the paragraph. For example, if there are four sentences in a paragraph, the first sentence introduces the topic; the second provides support to the topic; the third provides examples; and the fourth concludes. He also explained how the right side of the brain does a basic sketch of the writing topic whereas the left brain focuses on the details of each sentence.

The students used the Power Number concept to practice arranging sentences into a full paragraph according to where the sentence would most be effective.

JA Kang 3

On the second day of lecture, Mr. Kang reviewed the Power Number concept and moved on to the HI FIVE method where each finger represents the part of an essay or report. Students split into teams and used the HI FIVE method to practice writing reports.

On the third day of lecture, students brought in their homework assignment from the week before and edited each other’s reports using the HI FIVE method. Lastly, Mr. Kang introduced the Mind Map method of writing and explained how mind mapping was useful for logical writing.

The students took a break for the week of April 23rd due to exams and will resume class with their next instructor on April 30th. Stay tuned for the May update of NKSC’s Journalist Academy!

JA Kang 2