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Summer Journalist Academy 2013


JA Summer Academy 2013 2

NKSC conducts a summer session for its Journalist Academy each year. Students who have a hard time attending classes during the regular school year have the chance to improve their writing and English language skills during the session. NKSC’s Summer Journalist Academy in 2013 attracted a total of 31 young defector students.

Student Testimonials:


Geunhee: It was nice because I made so many new friends, and the teacher really grabbed our attention with his wonderful sense of humor and the great examples that he provided ^_^!

Soosung: I was able to write about myself a lot when doing the homework that he set us. Also, this is the first lesson where I was confident about expressing my own opinions, and it really improved my self-esteem. Now I feel that I will be able to express myself better wherever I go.

JA Summer Academy 2013

Eunhye: The teacher was very enthusiastic about answering our questions.

Eunhyuk: The teacher marked my pieces so I knew what I did wrong and where I needed to improve. I feel like my writing skills will keep on improving!

Minok: Two weeks was way too short. I wish that the academy was at least a month long!