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North Korea Strategy Center visited Canada during July to talk about the North Korean human rights issue.

On July 1st, Mr. Kang and Professor Kim Dong-shik, a former North Korean spy, talked about the North Korean espionage system and how people can prevent it at a meeting held together by HRNK and the National Unification Advisory Council (NUAC). Especially, Mr. Kang emphasized on the importance of changing North Koreans’ perception and view.


On July 3rd, NKSC had the opportunity to talk about North Korean human rights at the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada at Ottawa, Canada.

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On July 5th, NKSC participated in a commemorative lecture meeting for North Korean Human Rights Resolution organized by HRNK. Professor Kim stated that North Korea is sending spies to the United States through Mexico. During the meeting, Mr. Kang stated that to bring an end to the misdeeds of the North Korean government there needs to be a strategic approach.

On July 7th, NKSC attended a meeting organized by HanVoice, an organization working for the freedom of information in North Korea. There was a lecture and a meeting about the North Korean human rights issue for 2nd generation Korean Canadians. With high attendance rate and large participation, the meeting was successful.