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    NKSC spent two weeks in October touring the United States in order to raise awareness about the human rights situation in North Korea.

    NKSC’s tour started with an event at Stanford University on Oct. 22, 2015.



    Stanford University’s Bechtel International Center hosted Stanford students and students from Berkley University for a panel discussion on North Korean human rights. NKSC’s president, Kang Cheol-hwan also participated and stressed the importance of information dissemination within North Korea. 

    “Change in North Korea may be imminent, however, average North Koreans know almost nothing about the changes of the outside world.”




    In New York City,The Korea Society held a panel discussion on North Korea and information access. The reality of North Korea’s human rights situation and the various defectors and North Korean human rights NGOs currently in service were also discussed. 


    NKSC was able to complete the fall 2015 tour with the help of many different organizations. With their help, NKSC was able to take steps to raise awareness about North Korean human rights.