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July’s Unification Education

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July, the peak of the summer, is the ultimate time for getaways and vacations. Unification Education, yet again, continued in the month of July here at the NKSC office for its tenth season.

1. Locations, locations, locations! 

July’s Unification Education took place at Ansan Middle School, located in the City of Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. Participants at Ansan Middle School showed both enthusiasm and interest, making the presentation a success!

2. Unification Education

The presentation took place with approximately 90 Grade Seven and Eight students. The lecturers discussed North Korean students’ daily lives, popular animation shows, the North’s street children and the influence of Hallyu in the isolated regime. The students were able to abridge the gap between the North and the South through the interactive presentation and the Q&A session.

3. We’re curious about North Korea! 

Students asked many questions about North Korea – the Q&A session was unfortunately cut short due to the lack of time. What were these students curious about?

  • If you are repatriated after an attempt to defect, what kind of punishments are you subjected to?
  • What are the national holidays in North Korea, and what do you do on those holidays?
  • Are there such things as chicken or hamburger fast-food places in North Korea?
  • Are there celebrities in North Korea?
  • Are there such things as fashion fads in North Korea?
  • What are the main differences between the South Korean and the North Korean dialect?

4. Reflections 

“I came to know the reasons why some North Korean people attempt to defect out of the country. I also felt pity for the North Korean population and the street children. Initially, I had thought that the diplomatic relationship between the North and the South was volatile; however, the North Korean defectors I have met [through the presentation] are kind. It was also a unique experience to meet someone from the North, and I came to deeply reflect upon the strict regulations within North Korea. I am fortunate to enjoy the lifestyle that I lead in South Korea, and I sincerely hope that unification in the peninsula takes place in the near future!”