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TALK:  A conversation between the North and South Korean Youth

On August 28, 2014, NKSC went with two young North Korea students to Da-Yong Middle School to talk in front of 500 male students on North Korea and unification prospects.

Well focused South Korean students listening to young defectors talk about North Korea.

Well focused South Korean students listening to young defectors talk about North Korea.

NKSC at the same time exhibited pictures of daily life in North Korea and had interactive activities where the students could show their support for unification in the Korean peninsula. 

Despite sharing the same border and thousands of years of history, South Korean students are not aware of what the differences and similarities are between both countries. NKSC carefully selects and trains university defector students to talk about their experiences in North Korea and break the cultural and social barriers that disconnect them from North Korea.

After the defector’s presentations South Korean middle school students may ask very simple questions such as:

  • It it obligatory to do the military service? What type of training to they receive?
  • Can you select the university you go to?
  • What do you learn in Middle School?
  • Do you do plastic surgery in North Korea?
  • How do people get married in North Korea?
  • What type of torture is carried out in political prison camps?

Many of the questions asked by the students might be innocent; however, the answer the our NKSC defector students give can make a big different in connecting the South Korean youth with North Korea issues and support unification. NKSC also provides booklets with more information and pictures of North Korea. We are very thankful for all the positive responses and interest we have received from South Korean students.

Check out more pictures below!

  • A group pictures with NKSC staff and students after the Unification Education.