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Yoo-Sung Park- a defector student who has passionately worked in NKSC’s Unification Education Program. 


My name is Yoo-Sung Park. I lived in North Korea for 15 years and now I’ve been living in South Korea for 10. My dream is to make a comedy movie based in North Korea. Many times people tell me that I am crazy for thinking this. However, I believe that happiness and smiles on people’s faces can also be found in North Korea. Therefore, I would like to let the world know about this.

I decided to join NKSC’s Unification Education program because I wanted to let people know about North Korea. At first I was very nervous of speaking in front of people and I wasn’t very sure of what I would reply when they asked me questions. However, I did want to give a presentation of that would stay in the people’s minds and heart.

I managed to achieve my goal. Throughout the presentations I gave in different schools the students were able to learn more of North Korea. By working as a presenter in this program, my passion and dedication grew. The students were very interested to listen to my story and my abilities to speak in front of people grew. I really hope that now my dream to film a comedy movie of North Korea will be achieved in the near future.


I was very happy to transmit to students the need for unification in Korea. Many times even defectors don’t have the time to think about unification as they are trying very hard to succeed in South Korean society. Therefore, it is important to continue to do this type of education so future generations support and act for unification.


Now in order to gain more experience to make my movie, I am going to the United States for one year. I want to study very hard to make my dream come true. I am very happy to also have interned with NKSC.  I want to thank everyone at NKSC that made me feel so comfortable all the time. I will come back in one year and visit the office. I really hope everybody’s dreams will be able to come true one day.