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Jordan Groh, a post-graduate student of the School of Oriental and International Studies (SOAS) finalized his dissertation on media dissemination in North Korea. NKSC was happy to assist Jordan throughout his dissertation.

Here is the abstract:

Does access to foreign-produced information influence a North Korean citizen’s desire to defect? And, if so, are defections influencing reform in governmental policy or the creation of political dissent?Access to information may have a long history of influencing defections and influencing reform in various countries, but in the context of North Korea, it is critical to examine whether the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s leadership has a fear of defectors. Looking at the DPRK through the lens of a hereditary single-party regime which has systematically exploited its citizenry, migration is often a last resort for victims of persecution. Through this dissertation, I will attempt to assess the role information and foreign media plays in a North Korean citizen’s decision to defect and whether this should concern the North Korean government. As an isolated pariah state, the understanding of North Korea’s actions as
a highly effective Machiavellian actor make the drafting of responsible policy more relevant.

Fear and Defection – Information Dissemination and the Threat of North Korean Defectors