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September 11,2014



NKSC Raises Freedom Concerns of North Korea with North East Asian Human Rights Organizations in Taipei

The East Asia Democracy Forum (EADF) Founding Assembly will take place in Taipei from September 13 to 15, 2014. The EADF was established after a meeting hosted by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) held on December 18, 2013 where the need to establish a platform for the advancement for democracy and human rights for North East Asia was raised. This platform will serve as a multi-functional ‘space’ to enable members to share experiences, information, conduct trainings and arrange seminars. Civil societies such as China Labor Bulletin (China), Democratic Alliance (Hong Kong), Peace Boat, TI-Japan (Japan), North Korea Strategy Center, Chosun Exchange, and Korea Democracy Foundation, Human Rights Foundation Korea(Korea),TI-Mongolia, Citizen’s Alliance Fund, Mongolian Women’s Fund, Zorig Foundation, Open Society Forum (Mongolia), New Macau Association (Macau), will discuss new strategies to collaborate and improve conditions of human rights in North East Asia. Through this platform, all potential members will be able to tap into a great global democracy network and enhance interaction and communication among EADF members.

North Korea Strategy Center (NKSC)’s executive director Kang Cheol Hwan will be the representative attending the event.  Kang remarks, “It is a very significant event to have so many influential North Asian civil societies gather to collaborate on the improvements of human rights and democracy in the region. So far, North Korea human rights have been supported by countries such as the US and other countries in Europe with a lack of connectedness and support from Asian institutions and organizations. Through this forum, we hope to build stronger network and support for North Korea human rights from the Asian region and we, as a defector community hope to support other regional human rights concerns.”

NKSC is a defector-led organization that seeks to bring human and democracy by promoting, cultivating, and disseminating free press and media in North Korea. NKSC works with journalist training to young defectors and spreads inflows of external media inside North Korea through USBs, DVDs, and radios.