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            The short period of time working with and for NKSC had taught me how little works can end up helping a large population of people. Translating documents, teaching English, and preparing writing classes for North Korean defectors were little works that gave me a great feeling of accomplishment. I believe that this feeling of accomplishment did not come from me simply finishing the works, but also came from the sense that the my works definitely benefitted the defectors. The short two weeks of the writing and English classes was my first time interacting with North Korean defectors. During this time, I had the opportunity to share ideas and have friendly conversations with the defectors, and I was surprised to learn how open they were to various new ideas. Also, after working with NKSC, I learned that it is important to help solve North Korean human rights issues, but it is equally important to support the North Korean population in South Korea so that they can easily adjust into the unfamiliar society. Therefore, I really think the works and goals NKSC have done and have are significant for both the North Korean defector population and the South Korean society.

            Moreover, during my time at NKSC, I learned a lot about the development of North Korea’s IT and its current state. The new information I learned didn’t change my perspective, but developed it to have a larger picture of what is actually happening in North Korea. Also, it was really interesting to learn how NGOs can use the IT development in North Korea to spread foreign media and information. The new things learned, the new relations built, and the friendly environment of NKSC are the significant aspects and reasons why I would recommend the internship to other people.