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    I became interested in North Korea human rights from reading testimonies and books about Korean History and Inter-Korean relationships. As I needed to do a 6-month internship in order to graduate from my business school in France, and since I really like South Korea, I decided to look for an internship there.

I discovered NKSC while searching for NGOs in Seoul. Since my main task was project management, I expected to learn concrete ways of managing a project from its creation to its completion. In the end, my main task became social media management. Even if the projects I worked on weren’t completed, I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to learn about social media. Social media is so important nowadays.

I also learned so much about the current situation in North Korea. Most of the books I read didn’t speak about the North Korea of 2015. It truly changed my perspectives on this reclusive country. Apart from that, I really appreciated the working atmosphere of NKSC and I met wonderful people! I highly recommend interning at NKSC for an unforgettable experience.