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    When I first landed an internship at North Korea Strategy Centre, my dad was concerned as to what my work will involve; would I be organizing military tactics to take over North Korea? I wasn’t sure either, which worried him even more. But now, as my internship with NKSC is coming to an end, I’m glad to say that my dad is no longer confused, and I never took part in strategizing how to bash North Korea most effectively. Phew. Instead, I:

1)      Helped North Korea defectors communicate with youths in South Korea through organization of unification workshops. I was involved in opening up the passage that had been left unused, and that felt lovely.

2)      Worked on how to interpret and communicate data more effectively by translating NKSC-led research report from Korean to English. Increase in knowledge and understanding of IT business in North Korea was a plus! 

3)      Learned how an NGO operates from a group of nice and team-oriented people. This experience has helped me navigate my future career – a bit, as it’s still up in the air – and I thank the people who supported me along the way.

    The listed above are just few of the things I am taking away from the internship with NKSC this summer. I had a lot of fun, and hope to keep in touch with the staff members later on.